Reborn rich

Reborn Rich Season One

Title: Reborn Rich

Genre : Fantasy , Revenge

Country: Korea

Writer: Kim tae hee , San Kyeong.

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 16


Yoo hyun woo is a servant that serves the Soonyang Conglomerate family . He has worked with them for more than ten years taking care of everyone in the family but he was then accused falsely for embezzling. In the end , he was killed by a member of the family and in the next moment he found himself in the youngest member of the family as Jin Do Joon . He decides to take revenge on the Sooyang Conglomerate family and also take over their business.


  • Based on web novel “Chaeboljib Maknaeadeul” by San Kyeong (published from February 20, 2017 to January 11, 2018 via KAOKAO.
  • Song Joong Ki appears as Yoo Hyun woo or as Jin Do hyun in this series after taking the lead role in Vincenzo and appearing as a shoe seller in the episode 2 of Little women.
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