Reborn rich

Reborn Rich Kdrama Episode Three Review




Reborn Rich kdrama is no ordinary drama and has brought a lot of surprise , twist and plots ever since it aired on the  18th of November ,2022. 

After saving the Soonyang Chairman and Business through an answer sheet  , Jin Do Young was given a large sum of land about 160 , 000 m^2 which he set out to make a huge sum of money from when the place develops.

  He also helps his father in getting famed by using his past knowledge of history to suggest hit films from his previous life for his father investment. His main goal for traveling abroad was later revealed when he met with Power Shell investment Company C.E.O. Although we are not very sure if it’s a coincidence or knew before hand .

But right before he travelled to abroad with his father he had exchanged the profit from the land he aquired into dollars which he decided to invest in a foreign company with the help of Power shell.

Although the curiosity of why Do ju exchanged the money into dollars hit his old man but he never ask but choses to watch him from a distance to know what he’s thinking .


Challenging his first Son , Soonyang Chairman request his eldest son to acquire a company that is about to go bankruptcy with the sum of 300 million but  at the end of the bidding and negotiating a foreign company acquired the steel company for the sum of 500 million which later turns out to be on the order of Do ju to the C.E.O of Powershell Investment Company. 

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 At the very moment , the Soonyang chairman knew there is another player pulling rje strings somewhere and this also have become a concern for the eldest son of the Sonyang family as he ordered the private investigation of the C.E.O of PowerShell .


With each series , a new side of Do ju is being displayed and his interest for revenge and the position of the owner of Soonyang are being displayed bits by bits making the series more interesting to watch.

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 Download and watch here: Reborn Rich Episode One