Moonhaven Review Tv Series


A skeptic in paradise, Earth pilot Bella Sway is sucked into a conspiracy to gain control of Moonhaven; she must team with local detective Paul Sarno to stop the forces that want to destroy Earth’s  last hope before they are destroyed themselves.


Earth Pilot Bella Sway was given an opportunty to transport the envoy of IO ,  Indira Mare ( Amara Karan) and her personal bodyguard  Tomm (Joe Manganiello) to Moonhaven in the last minute . During the preparation to take off , she recieved a dangerous mission from one of his boss . The assignment is to get a singer used in Moonhaven inorder to create a replica of it on Earth refers to Mother by the Mooners .

 Mooners on Moonhaven are a set of people living inside the moon with the help of a technology called IO . Mooners are with one mission and that’s to save the Earther’s from their selves and not repeat the same mistake the same mistake that destroy them in the first place .  But problem arises a day before the arrival of the Pilot Bella and her passenger .

A mooner was murdered by another mooner and the dead Mooner turns out to be Pilot Bella Sway Sister . Io flagged them as related by blood.

The IO Envoy had come because the IO tech as flagged that there will be a possible revolution on the Mooners and it turns out that the Mooner’s council is not ready to saved the Earthers and also not ready to let the transport ship from the Earth land . She wants to remain in power .