Love is for suckers

Love is for Suckers Season One

Title : Love is for suckers Season One

Release Date: October 5 ,2022

Distributor: ENA

Runtime: Wednesday and Thursday 21:00

Country: South korea


Goo Yoo-Reum played by Lee Da Hee is a Tv Variety show PD for the past 10 years . Despite all the years she’s spent  , she fell into crisis after her show was cancelled. She’s a very good friend of Park Jae Hoon , a doctor and who specializes in Plastic Surgery . Right before , Goo Yoo Reum show , PArk Jae Hoon had lost interest in his profession and decided to take part in Goo Yoo Reum next project , “kingdom of Love ” as a regular cast member meanwhile , as they work together they started having deep romantic feelings for each other .


Love for suckers will be taking the time slot previously allocated to Good Job


Cast Members:

Lee Da hee as Goo Yoo Reum

Choi SI Won as Park Jae Hoon

Moon Hee Kyung as Park jae Hoon mother

Noh Susanna as Oh Hye Jin

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Episode One Love is for suckers Episode One

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