Insider Episode Three Review

Following the inside kdrama series , episode 3 was released on 15/06/2022 . The Insider Episode three revolves round a new version of Kim Yo Han in Seongju prison . He becomes the best in gambling of the 3rd league  after meeting a strange man that later turns out to be Jang Sun O lapdog in solitary.

After leaving solitary , Oh Su Yeon visited him and make an offer towards Kim Yo Han . She came in as a VIP which in turns makes the Prison Warden anxious and cautiously ask about the woman from him .

Scenes after scenes ,  he was transferred to the second league where Jung Sun O visited as a dealer and offered to help him in some other ways of cheating although all other players are working together to cheat against him . At the end of the series , Jung help is not yet confirmed to be authentic or fake .


Episode three trailer shows the woman , Oh Su Yeon asking Kim Yo Han to take over the gambling in the prison after Jung left and Jung also have an ambition to be the best gambler with a best gambling house in korea.

Another shot video of Insider episode three shows Kim Yo han facing his Immediate superior about the mission and his transfer . Episode three will be all about the triumph of Kim Yo Han

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Insider Episode Three